The Next Generation of Car Sharing Technology

From self-service car rental to corporate fleet and peer-to-peer car sharing, Keyfree is pioneering smartphone-centric technology to power the revolution in car sharing.

The Key Is In Your Phone

Keyfree provides a secure and easy method for accessing and driving a vehicle using only a smartphone.

The Key Is In Your Phone

Self-Service Car Rental

With Keyfree, you can expect a solution that is


An incredibly easy installation process. From start to finish in less than 30 minutes.


Keyfree is a solution that is affordable for rental companies of all sizes.


Vehicle’s are immobilized until an authorized user interacts with it.

Corporate Fleet Sharing

Fleet management like never before

Digital Key Management

Leveraging current technology, Keyfree is here to help you eliminate complex key management systems. Manage your fleet through our easy to use web-based software.

and much more…

Consumer & P2P Sharing

Digital Key Sharing. Share keys with family and friends easier than ever before through the Keyfree App.

Affordability. At a fraction of the price of similar products, Keyfree is sold at a price point that everybody can agree upon.

Trusted Installation. Keyfree is installed in less than 30 minutes by a certified technician without compromising your vehicle’s security.

Passive Entry. Your vehicle will automatically unlock as you approach and lock as you walk away.

Vehicle Tracking. All the information you need about your vehicle’s activity is readily available.

Compatibility. Our solution is now compatible on 95% of vehicles, dating back to 1995.

Keyfree At A Glance

The Keyfree system integrates an easy-to-install device within the vehicle that interacts with a smartphone app and cloud-based software. Engineered to be a simple, secure and cost-efficient solution.

In-Vehicle Hardware. Our device is installed in less than 30 minutes and is compatible with 95% of vehicles on the road today.

Smartphone App. Our white-label app, available on IOS and Android interacts with the in-vehicle device through Bluetooth, facilitating Keyfree’s features.

Cloud-based Software. Securely share digital keys with cloud-based software that has been engineered with simplicity in mind.

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About Us

Keyfree Technologies is a Toronto-based company pioneering communication technology that leverages the smartphone to connect to vehicles. Key free offers a “digital key” solution that enables secure, smartphone-based access to vehicles for fleet and consumer applications. The system involves a device installed in the vehicle with a supporting smartphone application and cloud-based infrastructure.