Easy to Use Templates

The following templates are intended to help you list your car on the Turo platform using ShareNow. You’ll find templates on updating your vehicle description, emailing your renters with instructions on using ShareNow and where they can find your vehicle and asking renters to upload photos of their drivers license.

Vehicle Description

Copy and paste one the following templates into your vehicle descriptions so renters know they’ll need to download ShareNow to access your car!

Option One: This car is equipped with ShareNow, a user friendly app that allows renters to lock and unlock the doors through a smartphone. The app, available for download on iOS and Android devices, is extremely easy to use.

Option Two: Download ShareNow (an easy to use app available on iOS and Android) to access this car. Instead of meeting in person to physically exchange keys, renters can easily lock and unlock the car doors using a smarthphone.

Emailing a Renter After You’ve Confirmed a Rental

Use the following email template to send to a renter after you have confirmed a rental. In the email, explain the process of renting a car using ShareNow. Remember to attach the renter’s guide in this email so the renter knows how to create an account at mykeyfree.com and how to download the ShareNow app. Make sure you ask your renter for an email address. You’ll need it to send over instructions!

Option One: 

Hi [insert renter’s name],

In this email you will find two attached PDF’s. The first PDF explains how to create an account, download the app and how to use the app to access the car (we will not need to meet up to exchange keys, rather you will use the app to unlock the car doors). The second PDF provides instructions on picking-up and dropping-off the car that you have rented. PLEASE remember to upload a photo of your license to the ‘trip photos’ section of your Turo reservation before picking up the car. I will only share a key with you once I have verified your driver’s license.

I will share the key with [insert renter’s email address], so use this email address to create your Keyfree account (instructions are in the attached renter’s manual).

In addition, please make sure you understand the steps you need to take when you PICK-UP the car to begin the rental and what you need to do when you RETURN the car after your rental. I suggest printing out the PDF so you have it with you when picking up/dropping off the car or simply having it accessible on your phone so you can refer to it easily.

Thank you! If you have any problems, please contact me at [insert your phone number].

Instructions for picking up your car

You’ll have to let your renters know where they can find your car. Try creating an easy to read PDF like the following with clear instructions on picking-up and dropping-off your car.

Picking Up Car for Renters

Asking a Renter to Upload a Photo of Driver’s License

Even though you won’t need to meet renters in person, you’ll still need to verify their identity and that they have a valid driver’s license. Ask them to upload a photo of it to the ‘trip photos’ section of the rental. Also, please refer to Turo’s policy on remotely handing off keys.