Using ShareNow

The following templates are intended to help you list your car on the Turo platform using ShareNow. You’ll find templates on updating your vehicle description, emailing your renters with instructions on using ShareNow, where they can find your vehicle and asking renters to upload photos of their drivers license.

Vehicle Description

Copy and paste the following into your vehicle description so renters know they’ll need to download ShareNow and follow particular Turo policies in order to access your car!

This car is equipped with ShareNow, a user friendly app that allows renters to lock and unlock the doors through a smartphone. The app, available for download on iOS and Android devices, is extremely easy to use. Instead of meeting in person to physically exchange keys, you’ll simply use your smartphone to access the car!

Because we will not meet in person to exchange keys, please note that within 24 hours before your rental starts, you’ll need to send me two photos:

One: A photo of your license up close.

Two: A photo of you holding your license next to your face (sort of like a selfie).

For more information on how remote key handoffs work, please visit:

Emailing a Renter After You’ve Confirmed a Rental

Use the following email template to send to renters after you have confirmed a rental. In the email, explain the process of renting a car using ShareNow. Remember, to provide greater detail, attach the renter’s manual in this email so the renter knows how to create an account at and how to download the ShareNow app. Make sure to ask your renter for an email address. You’ll need it to send over instructions!

Hi [insert renter’s name],

Thanks for renting my car! I hope you have a pleasant experience with it.

As noted in the vehicle description on Turo, you and I will not meet in person to exchange keys. Rather, you will use an app called ShareNow (available on iOS and Android) to access the car.

Please follow instructions as listed below. I have also attached a couple of PDF’s to help if you need. We will not meet in person to exchange keys. Rather, you will pick up the car by using a smartphone app.

Download the ShareNow App

  1. Download “ShareNow by Keyfree Technologies” to your phone.
  2. Select “Create an Account” and follow the directions to set it up. Please use [insert renter email address] to create your account.

Getting a Key

  1. The owner will send you a “digital key”, which will allow you to access the vehicle.
  2. A digital key can only be used on the car for which it has been shared.
  3. After a digital key has been shared with you, you will have a maximum of 24 hours to pick up your car.

Uploading Photos of Your License: 

  1. Within 24 hours before your rental starts, you’ll need to send me two photos: one of your license up close and one of you holding your license next to your face (sort of like a selfie).

Picking Up Your Car

  1. Walk up to the car that you have rented. Please find instructions for where the car is parked in attached PDF.
  2. Open ShareNow and log in
  3. A car that has been shared with you will appear under “My Cars”.  Select the car to open the rental screen.
  4. On the rental screen, press “Begin Rental”. Press the ‘unlock’ symbol to unlock the car doors.
  5. Retrieve physical keys from glove compartment.   You are good to go!

Ending a Rental

  1. Return the keys to the glove compartment. Exit the car and close the doors.
  2. Open the ShareNow app and select the car that you have rented. Press “End Rental”.
  3. A confirmation screen will appear, follow the instructions.
  4. Ensure that the doors have been locked.  All done!

After you end a rental, you will no longer have access to the car. If you leave an item in the car, please contact your owner.


I see the car that I’ve rented under “My Cars” but can’t connect.  Ensure that Bluetooth is connected. If you’re still experiencing difficulties, turn on airplane mode for 20 seconds and then turn off. Try reconnecting to the car. Try to log out of ShareNow and then log back in. Try reconnecting to the car. Try to restart your phone and reconnecting to the car.

I don’t see the car I rented listed under “My Cars”.   Try refreshing the list by swiping downwards on the “My Cars” screen.  If the car doesn’t appear, contact the owner to send a key.

*Important Note: The email address or phone number that the key was shared with must match your Keyfree account.

I ended the rental, but left something in the car . Contact the owner of the car and request another digital key.

Something else?  During business hours contact or contact your owner


How to download ShareNow, create an account and begin a rental

Send the link directly to your renters:

Instructions for picking up your car

You’ll have to let your renters know where they can find your car. Try providing renters with step-by-step instructions on where your car is located so they can easily access it using ShareNow.

Asking a Renter to Upload a Photo of Driver’s License

Even though you won’t need to meet renters in person, you’ll still need to verify their identity and that they have a valid driver’s license. As mentioned above, have renters do the following after you’ve confirmed their rental.

  1. Within 24 hours of their rental, take a photo of their license and send it to your mobile phone or upload it to the ‘trip photos’ section of the Turo rental.
  2. Within 24 hours of their rental, take a selfie holding their license and send it your mobile phone or upload it to the ‘trip photos’ section of the Turo rental.

For more information please refer to Turo’s policy on remotely handing off keys.

If you’re a ShareNow owner and require immediate assistance or do not understand something, please contact Thank you!