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Zoom Car Rental Blog 

The blog has a very simple layout with easy navigation. A wonderful feature for visitors looking for useful and relevant articles. The blog itself lists articles in chronological order, with the latest featured at the top. As a Canadian rental company, with locations across the GTA, it would be safe to assume that most articles would be about things to do in Toronto. This, however, is not the case as the blog features articles about a wide-range of destinations, including Italy and England along with useful and helpful tips for not only renting a car, but choosing the right options and features to fit your specific needs as a renter.

Articles about maximizing your trip as a renter is what this blog is all about. If you’re looking for tips or hacks on renting a vehicle, this is a great place to start. They’ve even published a list of noteworthy driving songs that we have all come to love singing along to on a long and exciting roadtrip!

Sixt Rent -A- Car Blog

The Sixt rent a car blog features a ton of newsworthy items in the world of car rental. There is a lot to read here and is a great place to start if you’re planning a trip that requires a rental car. They have a lot of easy to read and intriguing topical articles, such as a guide to Euro 2016, which was undoubtedly a useful piece back in June. One of my favourite things about this blog is the series of city profiles. My personal favourite would have to be the one convering Indianapolis. It seems as place reminiscent of other forgotten cities in America like Nashville or Portland; this particular guide is a fun read with myriad tips for first timers (they also coincidentally have a Sixt location in Indianapolis).

The blog has quite a bit of self-promotional content, which is relatively common in this particular space. From a consumer perspective, it would be nice to read some more content that provides value as a reader. All in all though, it’s a blog that is well written, is extremely easy to navigate and has a wide-range of useful information.

Vroom Vroom Vroom

This blog is fantastic. It is logically separated into different categories, like guides & tips, business, fun and celebrities and offers readers a wealth of useful and practical content, such as “How to Read a Car Rental Invoice”. It is updated on a weekly basis and really gives readers a unique insight into the world of car rental, outside the usual topics (how to explore [insert city here] with a rental car). After exploring the blog. my personal favourite article is “10 Amazing Things Ever Caught on DashCam”, so definitely check out this gem while you’re scrolling through.

The blog does a great job of promoting the idea that a car rental blog doesn’t just have to be about car rental. It also doesn’t just focus on topical events in one area of the world. Rather, it covers the entire globe, because as a car aggregator, Vroom Vroom Vroom lists car rentals everywhere so this makes complete sense.
Overall, if you’re looking for a fun place to read cool articles related to travel, this blog is a great place to start.

Airport Rentals Blog

On the airport rentals blog, “you will find an extensive selection of itineraries, road trip ideas and news articles” – the main reason it has made this list. One of its greatest strengths, “planning tools”, offers readers a wide-range of useful tips, such “Toll Roads in North America”, a great article that car rental customers should read before planning a route.  While they offer fantastic content on trip planning, they also promote a wide-range of great content in other categories as well, including activities, events and travel tips. With so many well written articles, the airport rental blog is a fantastic source of information. Perhaps my favourite article “Six of the World’s craziest and most unique festivals and gatherings” is a far cry from your typical car rental blog article, lending itself to uniqueness and intrigue.

Whether you’re looking for tips on booking a rental, or a guide on finding hidden gem activities in a particular city, there is undoubtedly some fun content here for you to read. Highly recommended!

Car Rental Buddy Blog

The strength of this blog is in its layout, no question. As a reader, you could seemingly scroll through for days and not get bored. Most of the articles focus on travel tips and getting the best out of a rental car, which is common for a car rental aggregator blog. I really enjoyed “Top 5 Things Not to Use Your Rental Vehicle As”, as it put a fun spin on a topic that can otherwise be rather boring and repetitive. Another practical article, “Key Pointers for Driving an Unfamiliar Car” provides readers with useful tips on driving a vehicle they have never driven before. While this may not seem like an article that is out of the ordinary for a car rental blog, it is written in a very playful tone, which lends to its intrigue as a reader.

Undoubtedly, the best parts of this blog are 1. how it’s presented (the layout) and 2. the playful and humorous content.  If you like short and fun articles related to travel, this is definitely a good blog to check out.

The Turo Blog

There aren’t enough good things to say about the Turo blog. A lot of the content is topical, which means the days around Halloween and other hallmark holidays offer a variety of intriguing articles that will surely get you in the spirit! The blog labels its content into 5 different categories: community, gearheads, insights, news and wayfaring. This is definitely the type of blog that you could spend hours on, whether you’re reading travel tips for a particular city you plan on visiting, or are looking for something a little more light-hearted.  There are a number of cool articles worth checking out such as, “Iconic Movie Cars”, and “What’s Happened Since the Cubs Won the World Series” (it’s truly fascinating to see what’s actually happened since the world series last graced the North side of Chicago).

Outside of the fantastic layout and user experience, the Turo blog has tons to offer eager travellers. Definitely worth checking out!

Edge Auto Rental Blog

The Edge blog is really NYC-centric. As a car rental company based in Brooklyn, this should come as no surprise.  While some visitors might think, okay there’s thousands of New York blogs – what makes this one any different? Firstly, it’s easy to read and has been curated especially for visitors to NYC who don’t have a clue where to begin exploring. As New York is annually ranked as a top destination for tourists, it made sense to include this blog on the list. I especially like the post “5 Apps to Download When Visiting NYC”. It provides visitors with practical and fun tools to use while exploring the city – something many other blogs don’t offer. Other useful posts, like “Iconic Sites to Visit When You’re in New York City” and “7 Unique Hotels to Stay at While Visiting NYC” offer a fun twist on an otherwise played out theme.

If you’re planning a trip to the Big Apple – which everybody should do at least once – the Edge Auto Rental blog is definitely a good place to start.