The Next Generation of
On-Demand Car Rental Technology

Keyfree has developed a solution engineered specifically for the “on-demand” or “self-service” car rental and car sharing market. Customers can now access vehicles anytime, anywhere through their smartphones without line-ups or staff.

Traditional solutions are expensive, complicated to install and lack security. With Keyfree, you can scale your on-demand rental fleet easily and cost-effectively. 

Your customers will be able to access vehicles underground and in remote locations as no cellular connection is required. At the same time, you’ll be able to securely immobilize your fleet of vehicles. 

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The simple, scalable and secure solution eliminates the complexity and cost involved with legacy car sharing hardware. Because car rental fleets turnover frequently, operators require a product that is easy to install or uninstall and doesn’t damage the vehicle in any way.

With Keyfree, you can expect a solution that is


We believe that an easy installation process makes all the difference. Keyfree units are installed and uninstalled in less than 60 minutes without compromising the vehicle’s security.


In other words, our product is affordable. It is our goal to help car rental companies of all sizes implement a cost-efficient solution so their vehicles can be accessed by their customers anytime, anywhere.


Vehicle’s are immobilized and cannot be started until a renter is granted access. When the vehicle is returned and the rental trip is ended, it is immobilized again until the next authorized rental.

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Access vehicles anywhere including remote locations & underground

Securely immobilize the vehicle when it is not in use

Set the duration period of each rental to maximize security

Lock and unlock doors digitally to manage rentals completely

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