Car Rent.
Car Share.

Ease of use platform and intuitive features give rental companies and vehicle owners the latest in connected car technology.

Performance in the palm of your hand

The convergence of car rental and car-sharing made easy, accessible and affordable with the Keyfree adaptor and smartphone application.

Seamless integration and simple to follow.

Scalable solutions to car rental companies as well as car sharing hosts. Connected car services to supercharge your efficiency and your bottom line.

Keyfree’s solutions are the answer to the three most common barriers associated with self-service models: hardware being too expensive, installation being complicated and lack of connectivity in remote locations.

The benefits of a self service model become clear. 

  • contactless self-service kiosks and smartphone apps decrease lineups and wait times.
  • decrease brick-and-mortar location and staffing costs.
  • 24/7 on-demand service – allow customers to rent when and where they need it.
  • Encourage remote pickup and drop-off.
  • Take advantage of unattended lots.

Moving towards the self-service model, a partnership with Keyfree is able to automate and decentralize the car rental process, freeing the rental car from traditional confines of the rental lot and counter. For hosts on Car Share platforms, it’s having the ability to remotely manage your vehicles and offer contactless services.

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