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A spotlight has been placed on the global supply chain and rising costs to move goods.

More than ever, courier companies and on-demand delivery services have become essential and a vital contribution to safeguard the lives, health and safety of ourselves and those around us. Keyfree believes that it’s contactless solution will provide more efficient and lower-cost delivery of parcels to customers. In addition, the planet benefits by reducing carbon emissions as a result of fewer unnecessary delivery attempts. 

Keyfree understands that solutions to global challenges do not always require complicated and advanced technologies. Instead we can use existing technology in an intelligent way to address complicated issues. 

Connected Car technology allows for seamless delivery of parcels to the trunks of customers vehicles.

Keyfree provides the digital key component to the trunk of the vehicle allowing secure access to couriers and on-demand delivery services. The precise location of the vehicle is confirmed and shared by the owner/customer. On arrival, the courier unlocks the trunk of the vehicle, ensuring secure, swift and contactless delivery of the parcel.  After successful delivery of the parcel, the courier’s access to the vehicle is terminated.

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