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Insurance experts suggest that vehicle Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) will be based on vehicle telematics and is expected to grow to over 140 million subscribers globally by 2023.

The UBI revolution must start with accurate and intelligent telematics.

The KēZ adaptor and its app will, in real-time, quickly provide and store data on behavioural driving which will include hard braking, fast acceleration, driver distraction, speed recording, hard cornering, risky hours, trip mileage, VIN verification, record smoking within the vehicle (tobacco or cannabis) and vehicle anti-theft devices.

Other owner-centric attractive functions can be included such as key sharing, vehicle and trunk access and battery information.

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Real-time monitoring of driving behaviour, GPS tracking, geofencing, vehicle health and usage

Smoke detection and recording of tobacco products and cannabis

Vehicle theft is a global problem.  We provide robust solutions to mitigate the possibility of vehicle theft.