A Digital key management solution for your fleet

Share vehicles effortlessly, increase your fleet utilization and streamline operations.

The Revolution in Digital Key Management

Delivering a fleet solution accentuated by


Effective fleet management begins with simple installation. In less than 30 minutes per unit, our in-vehicle hardware will be installed and fully functional without the use of overcomplicated card readers.


Our units retail at a fraction of the price of similarly functioning systems that integrate the use of cards and RF readers. It is our goal to help you save money and adopt a convenient solution to manage your fleet.


 Keyfree is compatible with nearly 95% of vehicles on the road today.  Corporate fleets often operate for a substantial period of time. With this in mind, our solution is compatible on vehicles dating back to 1996.

Security Overview

With Keyfree, there are three elements that constitute the system's security: The server (cloud based), smartphone application and in-car device

Smartphone Centric. Keyfree is designed around leveraging the smartphone as somewhat of a middle man in the communication sequence. since the smartphone facilitates all communication, the security risks in communication between the car and the cloud are minimized since the car does not communicate directly with the cloud. This eliminates any concerns over having “vehicles on the cloud”.

Bluetooth Security. Bluetooth Smart uses AES 128-bit encryption to protect sensitive communication between the smartphone and the Keyfree device.

Keyfree Software. Our software is designed to authenticate the smartphone when it connects to the device.  Keyfree generates a unique “token” in the cloud during initialization of the device, which is then shared with the app and the device. This “token” is required to validate the challenge sent from the device to the smartphone during initiation of each connection.  In order to accept commands from a smartphone, the device requires the smartphone to “pass” this challenge.

The Keyfree System

Keyfree in-car device
  • Bluetooth Smart technology
  • CAN Bus integration
  • Automotive grade components
  • Low power consumption
Keyfree app for iOS ad Android
  • White label integration
  • Interacts with device through Bluetooth
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Modular design and add-ons
Keyfree cloud platform
  • API integrates with reservation system
  • Keys created with hashing algorithm
  • Keys are time sensitive
  • Virtually impossible to jam or jack


Increase efficiency by improving your key management system and implementing an easier way for your drivers to interact with their vehicles