The Future of P2P Car Rental

Leverage smartphone technology to free your car owners from the burden of a physical exchange of keys. Use our emerging technology to fuel explosive growth in your P2P business.

Keyfree is here to facilitate that growth with a solution that is affordable, simple and secure.


Free hardware. Free install.
$9.99/month subscription fee.


A quick installation that doesn’t modify your vehicle in any way.


Protect your vehicle with the highest level of digital security.

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An easy to use app that allows car owners to share digital keys with their renters, eliminating the need for an in-person handoff. ShareNow facilitates a seamless and hassle-free rental experience between owner and renter.

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1. Renter downloads the ShareNow app

Available on both iOS and Android, ShareNow is a simple to download app that provides renters with easy and convenient access to peer-to-peer rentals cars.

2. ShareNow sends renter a digital key

Digital keys are sent from ShareNow to renter through text message. The car owner inputs the renter’s phone number into the app, which creates an easy-to-use link that is automatically sent to the renter’s phone.

3. Renter uses digital key to access the rental car

The renter approaches the rental car and clicks on the link they received from ShareNow. The renter is redirected to the app and presses ‘start my rental’, which unlocks the car doors!

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Share digital keys with your renters so they can lock and unlock vehicle doors through their smartphone. Eliminate the complications of having to meet up to exchange physical keys.

Secure your vehicle[s] between rentals with the “rental mode” feature.  When turned ‘on’, your engine will not start unless the doors have been unlocked by an authorized digital key.

The Keyfree solution is compatible with many makes and models meaning your personal fleet of vehicles is covered. You can expect reasonable installation times of less than an hour per vehicle.

Place your vehicle[s] anywhere including remote locations such as underground parking lots.  By using Bluetooth and not cellular data, your renters won’t have to worry about poor connection areas.

Have the option of time-stamping your vehicle[s] so you know exactly when they’ve been picked up and dropped off. Keep tabs on rentals with ease with the Keyfree timestamp feature.

Revoke digital keys with the same ease as sharing them. Simply log in to your account, select the digital key after a rental and revoke that renter’s ability to access your vehicle.

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